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Send flowers to India with love!

We guarantee same day flower, gifts and cakes delivery to Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and more than 90 other cities in India. Don't forget to checkout our reminder service, virtual flowers and host of other services we offer for free. Happy shopping!

Fresh Fruits n Fresh Flowers
Rs 5,050.00 ($84.17)
Order 'Fresh Fruits n Fresh Flowers' now!
Paint my love
Rs 2,050.00 ($34.17)
Order 'Paint my love' now!
Vibrant Array
Rs 1,360.00 ($22.67)
Order 'Vibrant Array' now!
Express Bountifully
Rs 2,160.00 ($36.00)
Order 'Express Bountifully' now!
Victorian Spleandor
Rs 3,800.00 ($63.33)
Order 'Victorian Spleandor' now!
Black Forest Cake
Rs 1,250.00 ($20.83)
Order 'Black Forest Cake ' now!
Thinking of you...
Rs 1,050.00 ($17.50)
Order 'Thinking of you...' now!
Rs 920.00 ($15.33)
Order 'RF-236' now!
Message of Love
Rs 1,050.00 ($17.50)
Order 'Message of Love' now!
Infinite Love
Rs 3,200.00 ($53.33)
Order 'Infinite Love' now!
Basket of Romance
Rs 3,500.00 ($58.33)
Order 'Basket of Romance' now!
Gemstone Heart
Rs 15,000.00 ($250.00)
Order 'Gemstone Heart' now!
Petite Mauve
Rs 1,170.00 ($19.50)
Order 'Petite Mauve' now!
Simply Paradise
Rs 1,620.00 ($27.00)
Order 'Simply Paradise' now!
Pink Stargazer
Rs 1,200.00 ($20.00)
Order 'Pink Stargazer' now!
Mix fruits with fresh flowers
Rs 5,250.00 ($87.50)
Order 'Mix fruits with fresh flowers' now!
Fruits on top
Rs 2,250.00 ($37.50)
Order 'Fruits on top' now!
Red Vibrant
Rs 3,750.00 ($62.50)
Order 'Red Vibrant' now!
Oriental Delite
Rs 1,350.00 ($22.50)
Order 'Oriental Delite' now!
Pink Power
Rs 1,850.00 ($30.83)
Order 'Pink Power' now!
Sweet Basket
Rs 7,250.00 ($120.83)
Order 'Sweet Basket' now!
The Sunny Day
Rs 1,450.00 ($24.17)
Order 'The Sunny Day' now!
Vase Arrangement
Rs 850.00 ($14.17)
Order 'Vase Arrangement ' now!
Heliconia Arrangement
Rs 3,050.00 ($50.83)
Order 'Heliconia Arrangement' now!
Golden Day
Rs 2,550.00 ($42.50)
Order 'Golden Day' now!
Hand Bunch
Rs 3,450.00 ($57.50)
Order 'Hand Bunch' now!
Love of Life
Rs 720.00 ($12.00)
Order 'Love of Life' now!
Spread the Fragrance
Rs 1,220.00 ($20.33)
Order 'Spread the Fragrance' now!
Rose Elegance
Rs 1,950.00 ($32.50)
Order 'Rose Elegance' now!
Ultimate Passion
Rs 6,400.00 ($106.67)
Order 'Ultimate Passion ' now!
Never-Ending Love
Rs 1,800.00 ($30.00)
Order 'Never-Ending Love' now!
Center of Attraction
Rs 4,650.00 ($77.50)
Order 'Center of Attraction' now!
Romantic Valentine
Rs 4,500.00 ($75.00)
Order 'Romantic Valentine' now!
Sympathy Arrangement
Rs 2,860.00 ($47.67)
Order 'Sympathy Arrangement  ' now!
Rs 1,150.00 ($19.17)
Order 'Entanglement' now!
Golden Heart
Rs 1,800.00 ($30.00)
Order 'Golden Heart ' now!
Sunny Delights
Rs 1,800.00 ($30.00)
Order 'Sunny Delights ' now!
Spring Meadow
Rs 1,800.00 ($30.00)
Order 'Spring Meadow' now!
Celebration of Valentine's
Rs 2,475.00 ($41.25)
Order 'Celebration of Valentine's' now!
Rs 750.00 ($12.50)
Order 'Rasgulla' now!
Kaju Burfee
Rs 1,450.00 ($24.17)
Order 'Kaju Burfee' now!

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